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I had a terrific experience at Pine Bush Physical Therapy after spraining my rotator cuff in the spring of 2005.

My first encounter was with their office manager, Edwina Overton. She was able to answer all my questions with confidence and skillfully handle my insurance claims and scheduling. Her cheerful disposition made me feel welcomed at every visit.

Fritz Meier designed a therapy program that was highly effective. He listened to my concerns and helped me to better understand my condition. Fritz incorporated multiple therapeutic techniques when administering my therapy; truly creating an individual program that was tailored to meet my needs. I was on the road to the recovery faster than I had ever imagined, pleasing not only me but my doctor as well.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience and would happily use their office again. I will highly recommend Pine Bush Physical Therapy to my family, friends, and coworkers.

Thank you Pine Bush Physical Therapy!
Laura Busse

I first came to Pine Bush Physical Therapy as a skinny thirteen-year-old who loved to dive. The sport I loved so much kept me enrolled in therapy for weeks at a time for five years. I didn't know what to expect from physical therapy at first, and I have to admit, I was nervous. However, from the second I stepped in the door, I knew I had nothing to be afraid of. Pine Bush Physical Therapy is the perfect combination of professionalism and personality. From the fresh pot of coffee and floral curtains to the friendly, knowledgeable staff, this clinic provided me with a positive environment to regain my strength and function.

Kelsey Ward
College student and competitive diver
on the colligate level